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Survivor vote sends Boatwright’s original tribal teammate packing

November 30, 2005

The former NFL quarterback was down to one last Hail Mary pass on last week's episode of "Survivor: Guatemala."

Unfortunately for 46-year-old Gary Hogeboom, he wasn't able to convince enough tribal members to vote someone else off the show. He nearly won immunity during the immunity challenge, but lost to Rafe Judkins, who won his third consecutive immunity challenge.

Hogeboom, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, became the 12th person voted off the show, leaving Tonganoxie resident Danni Boatwright as one of six castaways still vying to be the final Survivor.

According to Boatwright's stepfather, Jim Cackler, Hogeboom and Boatwright became close friends on the show.

Because of that, viewers might have found it odd that Boatwright voted for Hogeboom to be the next castaway to leave. Cackler, though, explained that, before the tribal council, Hogeboom told Boatwright to vote for him. Hogeboom was certain he would be voted off. He wanted Boatwright to vote for him "so she wouldn't ruffle anybody's feathers," Cackler said about the remaining tribal mates.

"She and Gary were very, very close," Cackler said. "Of course they were the only two members of their tribe."

Normally, castaways voted off on Thursday's episode appear on CBS' "Early Show" the next day, but Hogeboom appeared on "The Early Show" on Monday instead. "Survivor: Guatemala" was taped earlier this year.

Cackler said Hogeboom didn't want to be on "The Early Show" on Friday because he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his family. A Friday appearance would have required Hogeboom to travel on Thanksgiving Day to New York City, where "The Early Show" is aired.

Now that Hogeboom is gone, though, Boatwright's final episode could be this Thursday.

She is the last castaway from the former Yaxha tribe, while the other five are former Nakum members.

"Oh yeah, something's going to drastically have to change to save her from the chopping block," Cackler said.

Last Thursday's episode became intense during tribal council when Judd Sergeant accused Hogeboom of lying. Hogeboom then responded by exposing a fib Sergeant told during an earlier episode. Although castaways seemed uneasy about Sergeant being exposed, the group still voted Hogeboom out.

"I loved the tribal council where Gary caught Judd in his own lie," Cackler said. "It was interesting, Rafe turned around and looked at him funny. It probably made some people think about what other lies he might have told."

During that earlier episode, Sergeant had knowledge of an immunity idol being hidden somewhere near the campsite. Sergeant told fellow tribal members that the idol was on the ground. In reality, the idol was in the trees. Hogeboom found the idol and saved himself from elimination during a recent episode.

As for this Thursday's show, each of the remaining castaways will have an unannounced family member or loved one join them in Guatemala for a "Reward Challenge auction," according to the CBS Web site.

Because of a contract with CBS, Cackler could not reveal which family member or loved one would be in Guatemala with Boatwright. In addition, Boatwright cannot speak with the media until she is voted off the show.

Cackler said he just hopes his stepdaughter isn't the next castaway to appear on "The Early Show."

"I think there's going to be an interesting twist that's going to happen Thursday night," Cackler said. "I'm looking forward to it.

"There better be, or Danni's going to be on TV Friday morning."

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