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Students enjoy scavenger hunt downtown

October 12, 2005

Editor's note: Here are several students' comments on last week's scavenger hunt in downtown Tonganoxie.

Chris Baska's class

Kyle Caldwell

I learned a lot about Tonganoxie that I did not know. We went to police station and found out that the first vehicle was a cow! We also went to The Mirror and the fire station and the mayor's office! We got to go to the post office and my dad works there! Then after awhile we met at Bichelmeyer's and got a drink. I had a lot of fun!

Elaine Scheilz

I liked the scavenger hunt a lot. I didn't know about a lot of things I know now. Tonganoxie was pretty cool back then and still is. I think that the first thing that police had was a cow. Can you imagine being chased by a cow -- I couldn't.

Chelsey Bundy

I think it was so fun because you learn a lot about our city. So I feel a lot, lot different now about Tonganoxie. Because you see a lot of things that are different that you haven't seen before. And there are a lot of places that you might be scare of like the police, but the police actually help people because you might see a murder and you can just pick up the phone and call 911, you'll be safe. That's how safe the police is, not so scary after all. I love Tonganoxie.

Gail Kiefer's class

Kayen DeMarr

I am in third grade and my class went on a field trip to learn about our town Tonganoxie, Kansas. We went all over town. I learned some things about Tonganoxie. I learned that the first car that the marshals used was a cow. I learned what family assistance does. I learned when the post office was built and I learned what a firefighter does. And that's what I learned.

Mitch Brock

I had fun on the day we went on the field trip. I learned about the community. My favorite part of the trip was Bichelmeyer's.

Ashley O'Connor

I learned the thrift shop helps people with bills and if the thrift shop has something for a long time they can't sell it so they send it to another thrift shop.

Harlan Shoemaker

My favorite place that I went to was the fire station because they help people. I learned that there are 27 firemen. At Bichelmeyer's they carved the Indian out of wood. A kid's grandpa killed a deer and they hung its head on the wall at Bichelmeyer's.

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