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October 21, 2005

Those little rips and tears that are bound to happen should be mended as soon as possible, before they fray and ravel more. Use thread that comes from the garment's fabric itself. You may think of it as the fibers woven to create the fabric itself. I am not talking about the spool of thread. Pull those threads from the seam allowances or the hem edges, working from the right side of the garment, use no knots, leave the thread tails on the inside. If the tear is in a spot that takes strain, cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the hole and baste it in place on the wrong side, nylon net is usually a good choice.

Insert your needle1/4 inch on either side of the tear in a weaving-like motion. Following the threads in the cloth, use a running stitch back and forth over the tear.

On one row make the running stitches on top of or over the tear, on the next row, go under the tear. Alternating each time, leave your thread ends on the wrong side of the garment, no knots needed.

A little time and patience and you may have trouble finding the spot later.

K. K. made a cute (and favorite) skirt and blouse for her little girl from a juvenile print. It has a border design around the bottom of the skirt and on the collar and cuffs of the blouse. Buttons match the border's colors.

Thanks K, for sharing it takes so little sometimes to create a lasting memory for a child. K said that blouse has been in the laundry more than any other.

"She'd wear it every day if I'd let her," she said.

Be thinking about those Christmas gifts you want to make -- the holidays are just around the corner.

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