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Survivor’ mom rejects the rumors

October 21, 2005

Vicki Cackler said rumors are swirling about her daughter, Danni Boatwright, who still is a contestant on "Survivor: Guatemala."

Cackler has heard from local residents that they know how long Boatwright will last on the CBS reality show.

Cackler said the rumors have no merit.

"If anybody knows, they don't know, because we don't know," Cackler said last week. "There's no horse's mouth, because there is no horse."

Boatwright survived the fifth episode of Survivor last Thursday. Although her team did not win the immunity challenge, Boatwright was not voted off the show. When one tribe loses an immunity challenge to the other tribe, the losing tribe must vote one of its tribal mates off the show. On Thursday, the Yaxha tribe sent 24-year-old tribal mate Blake Towsley home. Towsley, a commercial real estate broker and model from Dallas, was voted off on Day 14.

That means Tonganoxie resident Boatwright and fellow Kansan Brandon Bellinger of Manhattan advanced to the sixth episode. They are two of 13 contestants still alive in the quest to be the last survivor. The final survivor wins $1 million.

CBS prohibits contestants from speaking to the media until after they are voted off the show.

However, family members are allowed to speak to the media.

In other news, during a recent episode in which tribal members squared off in a basketball-type game, Boatwright painted "88" on her back. Her mother said that was in honor of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Cackler said her daughter and Gonzalez are just friends.

"People, I don't think, understand the way this child thinks," Cackler said. "She has so many friends of the opposite sex."

Those friends have common interests, Cackler said -- sports, sports and more sports.

Boatwright, a former Miss USA runner-up, also has worked as a sports radio personality in Kansas City.

Of the six remaining Yaxha tribe members, four are men. Boatwright and Amy Revere, a 39-year-old police sergeant from Revere, Mass., are the only women on the team.

Thursday's episode

The next "Survivor: Guatemala" episode will be at 7 p.m. Thursday on Sunflower Broadband channels 5 and 13.

Bichelmeyer's Steakhouse in Tonganoxie will continue its Survivor watch party at the restaurant as Boatwright strives to be one of the last 12 survivors still competing after the sixth episode.

Boatwright and her Yaxha tribal members will again compete against the Nakum tribe in an immunity challenge.

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