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Letter to the editor: Slow down in school zones

September 7, 2005

I would like to blow off a little steam regarding an issue that should be a concern to all Tonganoxie citizens. However, it seems as if people do not care. I'm referring to the speed limits and the lack of obeying them.

My family and I moved to Tonganoxie five years ago. One reason -- the children matter! My children are very important to me. They have to cross 24-40 highway every day to get to and from school. They go to the crosswalk where there is a crossing guard. There needs to be a police officer present, and they need to be ready to take action.

The speed limit through there is only 30 mph and during school hours it is 20 mph. I can not count how many times I have seen people blow through that crosswalk -- with the crossing guard in the middle of the road holding a stop sign. It scares me to think of what could happen. People are in such a hurry that they can't stop for a couple seconds to let our children cross the street to get to school. This is wrong. I don't understand why it doesn't bother more people.

I complained last year several times to the police. They responded by telling me they try to have an officer out there when they can. I feel they need to make it more of a priority. Even if they would start enforcing the speed limit through there on a regular basis, throughout the day, then maybe people would start slowing down.

I understand the police are busy and don't always have the time, but when it comes to our children's safety, I would pray that they would make time. Something really needs to be done about speeding through the school zones, before an innocent child pays with their life.

Chimane Reno,


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