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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

September 14, 2005

"No, shopping is not what it used to be, not at all," according to Marsha Hummelgaard. "I used to enjoy shopping especially for the kids, all of their excitement and the trying on and selecting."

Well, now it's really become a chore, and they get so tired and discouraged as they try on garment after garment in sizes that used to fit them.

Now, if the waist is right they are too long. Sleeves have become a real problem, in children, and it's seemingly all of a sudden.

Her question: "Is it because they are made in other lands

where perhaps sizes are different, is it just mass production?"

If you ask, the answer usually is: "Oh, that's just the way they come now."

And from yet another: "I go for a certain item I used to find." And they reply: "No, we don't stock them anymore."

It seems, I all too often have to settle for what they've got in stock. "Why, I ask," said J.J.


Had lots and lots of comments and laughs on the box springs story. One gentleman said be careful when removing that box springs, even though it's a lot of open space, it supports. However, it can be replaced with just simple slats of 1x4 lumber. Space them evenly and then overlay them with thin plywood, paneling (can be scraps), etc. Even he said heavy cardboard would work.

We count our blessings these days and pray for so many of our brothers and sisters all over the world.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086;

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