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To the editor

Concerns about traffic

September 14, 2005

Concerns about traffic
To the editor:

It seems that a decision is near in selecting the proposed turnpike interchange for Leavenworth County off County Road 1, which should make many of the residents and landowners happy -- especially the ones having developable and marketable land in that area.

I must admit that I haven't attended any of the meetings held to discuss the pros and cons of possible interchange sites since a very competent engineering firm, HNTB, is involved and will be making a recommendation as to the best location. Possibly if I had attended, my concerns would have been addressed (or additional ones might have been raised).

What concerns me now is that with all the discussions reported in the media, I have yet to see any mention about traffic flow toward Tonganoxie. For people living on the south and west side of Tonganoxie, as well as in the Reno areas, the turnpike interchange on County Road 1 should be a welcome relief. But for the ones living east and north of Tonganoxie, the interchange would be an inconvenience to use; as it would necessitate driving through town, adding to its traffic congestion, especially at businesses, signal lights, school crossings on U.S. Highway 24-40, as well as the soon-to-be school crossing on Washington.


This all leads me to ask: Is a paved "rural turnpike frontage road" between County Road 1 and County Road 25 being included so driving through the Tonganoxie congestion would not be necessary?

William Dykes,


Service officers important
To the editor:

The governor is trying to eliminate service officer positions at Kansas Veterans Administration hospitals. She wants the money for her favorite programs.

For the last 60 years, Kansas has supported service officers at the Veterans Administration centers by paying a part of their salaries. Service organizations, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and

Disabled American Veterans, provide the rest of their compensation.

The federal Veterans Administration provides their offices.

This cooperative arrangement between the federal and state governments and the service organizations has served Kansas veterans very well.

The service officers assist veterans in obtaining their benefits and finding their way through the maze of forms and regulations. They also provide transportation and other support on a limited basis while coordinating volunteer support. They are much needed and their support should be increased, not cut by politicians looking for a few dollars to pump in a different direction.

Our freedom of speech does not come from politicians. Our freedom of press does not come from journalists. Like our other freedoms, they have been won and protected for us by our veterans. Let us now use those freedoms to write to the legislators and the governor and help protect those who have given us so much. Please write and insist that the governor cease this attempt to short-change those who have served.

Steve Fitzgerald,


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