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Letters to the editor: Great football game; Youth football recruitment; A special day

September 21, 2005

Great football game

To the editor:

I went to the football game last Friday night and had a great time.

From what I could see, the stands were filled, and there were people standing along the fences. The band did a great job at halftime and there was good sportsmanship on both sides of the field. One of the things that impressed me most was that the Tonganoxie players would lay a good solid lick on the Piper player and rather than walk off in superiority, they would lift them up with a pat on the back. Way to go team.

Let's get behind the Chieftains this year. They are worthy of our support.

Jim Melrose,


Youth football recruitment

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to a letter written by a mother whose son did not get to play third-grade football for the Youth Football Organization. Prior to this year's season, there were several attempts to make the community at-large aware of the upcoming Youth Football open recruitment. Based with a registration deadline of Aug. 1, an extension was made, and three open registration dates were scheduled, which allowed us the proper time to order uniforms. An ad was run in the Tonganoxie Mirror the week of July 14 that listed those dates, along with a phone number to call if there were questions. That phone number included an answering machine with complete details, and each call received was returned. In addition, our coaches were kind enough to offer an in-home registration, if need be. We also arranged for the registration information to be posted on the reader board at First State Bank for three weeks prior to the first official practice.

As for the accusation that the teams were not chosen fairly, the league has limits for the number of team players. As a club, we do not feel that the younger players can learn the proper fundamentals of football and be safe with this number of players. Registration for all teams was handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, not a size-of-player basis.

We feel the Youth Football Organization did an adequate job of announcing the upcoming season and sign-up procedure. The information was routed to the community at-large in many different ways. The players who took the time to complete the registration process in a timely fashion are having a fun and enjoyable football season.

Mike Sample,

Youth Football Organization,

Rural Leavenworth.

A special day

To the editor:

I would like to thank each teacher involved in the Grandparents Day at Tonganoxie Elementary. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each teacher of our grandchildren, Brett and McKinna Shelton, and being a part of their activities. We knew it was a "special" time for them also, and we drove 3 1/2 hours to be there.

We were amazed how things have changed, since we were in school, and the second-graders know how long it has been, as they asked each grandparent the year they were born, not their age -- pretty sneaky?

Again thanks to each one. It was a morning well-spent.

Frank and Thelma Shelton,


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