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Our view: Bioscience initiative work commendable

September 21, 2005

The Tonganoxie Biosciences Initiative is well under way. The initiative -- a group of area business leaders and residents -- is educating itself in the field of bioscience, which basically is the study of human, plant and animal functions.

Once the group feels it has a handle on the realm of bioscience, it will move forward. First, the group will organize itself -- adopting a leadership group and additional committees.

And then group members will push up their sleeves and begin courting companies, in hopes of attracting them to Tonganoxie. Initiative members say they want to provide more jobs to area residents. They are hopeful that Tonganoxie can grow out of its bedroom community status and offer college graduates a place to raise their families -- and work.

Experts in the bioscience field have expressed doubt that Tonganoxie could attract a major player. And that's no huge surprise.

However, those same experts expect that Tonganoxie can find success in attracting businesses that serve those major players. And it seems logical that it is those "supplier companies" the Tonganoxie Bioscience Initiative will have at the top of their list.

The fact that this local group of committed people decided it wanted the city to be on the cutting edge of this emerging Kansas industry is highly commendable. Already, they have devoted many volunteer hours to their task. And, it's doubtless that they will volunteer many more hours.

They will do that because they believe they can make a positive difference in the future of this city. This type of forward-thinking will pay many dividends for our growing community.

Congratulations to initiative members -- and future members, because new volunteers are welcome -- for their thoughtful and careful work. Their efforts should pay dividends for many years.

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