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Apartment complex quickly filling up

April 12, 2006

Marie Rhudy has settled into her home at Tonganoxie's new Sundance Apartments.

"It's got plenty of room, everything seems to be real nice so far," Rhudy said. "I'm glad I'm here and I'll be glad when summer gets here so I can arrange flowers out in front."

Last week Carol McDaniel, property manager for Cohen Esery's 24-unit, low-income apartment complex, said about 20 units were spoken for and 18 residents had already moved into 15 of the units.

Sundance, which is at the north end of the Stone Creek subdivision, is designated as Section 42 housing. According to Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Service tax code, tax credits are provided to investors who build affordable housing.

The apartment complex is open to renters age 55 or older and to those younger than 55, if they are disabled. Renters pay a $200 deposit, and a monthly rent of $495. To qualify, an individual's income should not be greater than $28,000. And, McDaniel said, background checks are done on all renters.

"That's just customary," she said.

The development includes a community center where McDaniel, who will work at the site Monday through Friday, hopes residents will gather to socialize. "It's an independent living community, but it is geared toward the retired and the disabled," McDaniel said.

The units are on one level and were designed to accommodate residents who use wheelchairs. The two-bedroom apartments include a single-car garage with a tornado shelter. In addition, two of the units are completely handicapped accessible and have lower kitchen cabinets.

Marie Rhudy was pleased that things worked so smoothly in her plan to move to Sundance.

Last summer she put her house on Raintree Street up for sale.

"It sold real quick," Rhudy said. "These apartments weren't ready so I rented a duplex for four months."

She moved into Sundance the weekend of Jan. 7. And, she planned to stay. She wants to get to know her new neighbors, as soon as it's warm enough to get outside.

"This is my home -- from now until either I go to the cemetery or a nursing home," Rhudy said with a chuckle.

McDaniel said she, too, hopes the residents will stay.

McDaniel recently organized a biscuit and gravy breakfast for the residents and she's working on establishing a garden all residents can use.

She described Sundance as a long-time home for the residents.

"We just look forward to having the residents forever and not having a huge turnaround," McDaniel said. "So that's why I'm here."

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