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Dodgeball tourney raises funds for upcoming class projects

April 12, 2006

Extreme dodgeball was the main event April 1 in the Tonganoxie Junior High gymnasium.

Overall, the event attracted eight student teams and one team of teachers.

The junior class sponsored the event with proceeds going to class projects, including prom and after-prom activities.

Junior Tyler Miles, who helped organize the event, said the dodgeball tournament generated nearly $445.

He said teams were enthusiastic about playing in the tournament.

"I think somebody put it in the words, 'if we would have let them, they would have played dodgeball until midnight that night,'" Miles said.

Other schools have organized dodgeball tournaments, Miles said, and last year's senior class discussed putting one on. But that class wasn't able to follow through with it, he said.

Miles hopes this tournament will be the start of a long-standing tradition.

"We were thinking about making it annual because," Miles said, "we thought it would be a lot of fun."

Organizers want to make it a larger event with tournaments in the fall and spring.

The team of Aaron Adcox, Cameron Adcox, Corey Doughty, Beau Waters and Quentin Crews won this spring's tournament.

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