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Letters to the editor: Plans for sales tax funds clear; Preserving Western Civilization

April 12, 2006

Plans for sales tax funds clear
To the editor:
When the sales tax extension was proposed, the primary purpose given was to fund an interchange on I-70 near County Road 1, with other lesser projects. This was put forth in all media.
I asked Commissioner Oroke to speak to the Linwood Lions Club about the extension. He stated numerous times during this meeting, prior to the election, the primary purpose of the extension was to fund the needed improvements to obtain an interchange on I-70. He also stated, if it passed, it would probably be in the CR-1 area. Many members of the club questioned him on this and the answer was always the same. I had no doubt the passage of the extension would bring a new interchange near CR-1.
There is a noisy opposition to the interchange for various reasons. I think the flier they passed out says it all. The first words are: Stop The Interchange on CR-1. It does not say move the project forward but address these safety issues.
There are those who do not want change. I wish everything stayed as it was in 1979 when I purchased my property. I realize change is inevitable and try to grow with it.
Safety always seems to be the buzzword used when trying to throw up obstacles in front of a project like this. Safety is a valid concern but I believe the project addresses many safety concerns.
The bridge over I-70 is narrow and obsolete. It would be replaced with one that would meet new standards. I know I will feel better when I drive tractors and farm equipment over a wider bridge with better sight distance.
The road north of I-70, which is hilly and narrow, would be improved.
South of the interchange is two and one-half miles of road that needs to be addressed. Until this is improved, there is a way to alleviate safety problems: Lower the speed to 35 mph.
The Lawrence city commission has expressed opposition to the plan. They believe the interchange would be better if it were three miles west. This would be true if your primary objective is to serve Lawrence and not the people who will pay for it - Leavenworth County residents. It would make a great terminus for the east end of the Lawrence bypass, if it is ever built.
I urge Leavenworth County commissioners to continue the course and not let emotions sway them.
Stuart W. Sweeney,

Preserving Western Civilization
To the editor:
The most long-lasting reason that we must relentlessly pursue the present military action in Iraq seems to be totally ignored by the press and the Bush administration. It is the preservation of Western Civilization as we know it today.
One needs only to remember the status of Afghanistan under the Taliban. No civil liberties were permitted, women were maintained in a state of total ignorance and servitude, and an ancient and revered statue of the Buddha carved into a mountain side was destroyed because of its representation of an "infidel" religion.
The declared goal of Islamic radicals to destroy all infidels and their institutions worldwide would certainly see St. Peter's Basilica bombed, the Louvre with its collection of treasured paintings of Christian saints and martyrs torched, and the New York Philharmonic would come under attack for presenting such classics as Bach's "B Minor Mass" and Mozart's "Requiem."
Sadly, we can never claim victory. Relentless and continuing destruction of the radical Islamic anarchists must continue long after the Bush administration and all of our lifetimes.
Obviously, no politician could ever be this frank with the American public. Some hints of these potential results of retreating from our mission to preserve Western Civilization could be used to counter the canards of weapons of mass destruction and interest in Middle East oil.
Dr. Richard A. Gruendel,

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