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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

August 2, 2006

"Back to school."

Yes, that's on many minds these days. Expenses are up everywhere and we are all cutting corners, "like never before," one college mother said the other day.

As we discussed some of the ways to remodel clothes for her daughter. It certainly reminded me of those depression days when my mother would "make over" my cousin's outgrown clothing for me. There was no such thing as a garage sale in those days and other kids would tease about hand-me-downs.

It seemed our mom could make them look brand new though.

I learned to sew very young. Many times, changing those older clothes can be as much fun as making new ones. Simply changing the buttons to leather

or bone buttons, sewing an extra button just behind the buttonhole to match the one coming through the buttonhole or making a double row of buttons can jazz up clothing.

Adding an antique lace collar and cuffs to a plain long sleeved blouse is another option. A dress that's now a bad length, cut it shorter, add slits to the sides and wear it as a tunic, with a slim skirt or with slacks.

A jacket that's now a bit too snug over the shoulders: Remove the sleeves, sew the lining and the outer garment together. You may even want to enlarge the sleeve opening, and you have a new vest. You may decide to leave the collar on or even remove it.

You may even decide to rip an older garment totally apart and use the former wrong side for the right side.

I saw a cute mother--daughter outfit the other day. I'll save that for next week see you then.

Bye and God Bless

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