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Letters to the editor

August 2, 2006

Benefits of adult stem cells

To the editor:

Approximately three years ago, a longtime friend of mine was diagnosed with multiple myeloma -- bone cancer. His condition slowly deteriorated to the point where simple, everyday tasks required the use of a walker. In October 2003, I helped transport him and his wife to Little Rock, Ark., where he entered a hospital that focuses on treating that form of cancer.

The medical staff harvested his own stem cells and used them to formulate a treatment that combats his disease.

I have no medical training, so explaining how this is accomplished is beyond my bailiwick.

But this I know: My friend and I visit each other at times and with each visit his progress is very evident. He is back at home, much stronger now. The walker is no longer needed, and his lifestyle is vastly improved. All with the use of his own adult stem cells.

Adult stem cell medicine continues to enjoy profound benefits in many human situations: cancer, autoimmune diseases, stroke, bone and cartilage damage, just to name a few.

Wayne Boyd,


Entrance signs in city

To the editor:

I would like to address the city council. It seems to me that all you want to do is argue over how to spend the citizens of Tonganoxie's money. Why don't you look at the reality of future spending of maintenance of the signs you are so adamantly arguing about?

Have any of you seen the sign on Highway 7 going into Bonner Springs? It is a very attractive sign that says, "We are proud of our city."

I would like to know why you want to put up a sign that is going to need continual repair, and looks cheap. I think our mayor has the right idea. We should put up a sign that we all can be proud of and it should be maintenance free. I for one would veto a wooden or stucco sign. It has no aesthetic appeal to me.

I also think the argument over liability is unfounded. Our road laws state that you must be attentive when driving and if an accident happens it is the fault of one of the drivers not the city. Did the driver and passenger of the truck that just struck the sign on Interstate 70 and Interstate 435 sue the state? I think not. If you hit a sign that is 35 feet from the road something is wrong with your driving.

As far as right of way is concerned, the city could purchase a small parcel of land for what the future cost of the wooden sign repair would be and not be worried about right of way. I think it is time to stop arguing and be a little more practical about how you spend taxpayers' money.

Robert Nickle,


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