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Remember When: A community review

August 16, 2006

10 years ago: July 17, 1996

Basehor resident wins pickup: Norris Shoaf and his wife, Jerry, will be the proud new owners of a $20,000 Dodge pickup which Norris won in a contest sponsored by Purina. (Mr. Shoaf won a national contest to become an estimated one in 100,000 who would win the truck, worth roughly $20,000.)

Deaths: Margaret Phyllis Kraus, 75, Tonganoxie, died July 10, 1996. Robert "Lynn" Cunningham, 44, Tonganoxie, died July 15, 1996. Doris Mae Marvin, 80, Tonganoxie, died July 13, 1996.

Birth: McKenzie and Montana Walters announce the birth of a baby sister, Madison Cheyenne Mabel, July 11, 1996. Parents are Casey and Alison Walters, Linwood.

On the evening of Saturday, July 13, a bicycle, belonging to the Tonganoxie Police Department, was stolen in front of the Tonganoxie Police Department headquarters.

Music teacher search near complete: Candidate interview narrows search to three hopefuls to lead the THS high school music and vocal program.

25 years ago: July 15, 1981

Jack Thomas and Frank Sheehan are reporting yields of a consistent 50 bushels of wheat to the acre in a field they are working northeast of Tonganoxie. They also report the wheat this year is not the usual golden brown, but more a dirty brown.

Deaths: Mrs. Joyce Ann Pritchard, 48, Lake Dabinawa, died July 9, 1981. Mrs. Bessie Cashatt Turner, 89, Oskaloosa, died Sunday.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith of Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a son, Brandon Lee, July 1, 1981. Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Brien announce the birth of twin sons, Shaun Joseph and Michael Emery, on June 1, 1981. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Breuer of Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a son, Mark Allen, on June 12, 1981.

Jarbalo Jottings: John and Laurie Cleavinger are the parents of a new daughter, Catherine Denise, born July 10, 1981.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the Good Sam's Camping outing this weekend at Walnut Grove.

Jeff Taylor, son of Waymon and Rosalie Taylor, Route 2, played in the Kansas City Jazz Festival this past weekend at Mill Creek Park on the Plaza.

50 years ago: Aug. 2, 1956

Deaths: E. Quinby Cox, son of Samuel C. Cox and grandson of E. I. Cox, early residents of Leavenworth county and of Tonganoxie, passed away at the age of 63 years, in Sarasota, Florida, May 15, 1956. Minnie Belle Sewell of Colorado Springs, passed away July 28, 1956, at the age of 83 years.

Lewis Scheidt, 70, died Sunday at his home just west of Bonner Springs on Highway 32. He was a member of a pioneer family. As a boy he grew to manhood on the old Scheidt farm two miles east of the farm where he died. He operated a merry-go-round at fairs for about nine years, and in 1924 settled on the farm.

Mr. and Mrs. William Lux are the parents of a daughter, born Saturday, July 28, 1956.

Linwood, Aug. 2: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Jones have given the name of Jeffrey Carl to their infant son.

Charles Carlson fell at his home Friday and has been in bed and was unable to attend church Sunday.

Jarbalo: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fevurly, Tommie and Jimmie, returned home Monday from a trip to the Ozarks.

Wendall Sheriff and Arthur Hancock are co-owners of a baseball with Phil Rugutto's signature. The ball was a home run hit by Scawran in the Yankees game Friday night at Municipal Stadium.

75 years ago: July 9, 1931

Mrs. Augusta Slomski, who lives in the north part of Tonganoxie, will sail Aug. 5 on the liner, President Harding, for France with a group of world war mothers. Mrs. Slomski says she came here 39 years ago, when her son, Martin, was only seven months old. They came to America from Germany, and her son now lies buried in one of the war cemeteries in France.

The old-time farmer dressed his scarecrows in better clothes than some of the farmers of today can afford to wear.

New steps have been installed this week on the east side of the Zellner Merc. Co. store, leading to Dr. Clodfelter's office.

Linwood: Mr. Lum Burnett or "Daddy Lum" as he is more familiarly known, is quite poorly at his home in Linwood.

Reno: Mr. Sipes was overcome by the heat on Wednesday.

Tonga, Route 4: Mr. W.J. Baily celebrated his 70th birthday, July 4.

Mound: Mr. and Mrs. Arch Vestal announce the arrival of a son, born June 29th.

Hoge News: Henry Junior McGraw has the misfortune of falling while at the dairy barn with his father Wednesday morning and cutting his chin on a two by four. He was taken to Dr. Coe where four stitches and a clamp was required to close the wound.

100 years ago: July 19, 1906

July 15th, being the 10th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Evans, the Rathbone Sisters and a few other friends, and relatives gave them a surprise party. A very enjoyable time was spent, and refreshments were served. A number of nice presents suitable for the occasion were received.

Constable Stringfellow made a raid on a bunch of crap shooters at Reno Saturday evening. He got there a little early in the game and only caught seven. The shooters, all unconscious of danger, were under the Union Pacific bridge below the Reno depot where they had the ground worn bare and smooth. In social status they ranged all the way from the dregs to scions of utmost respectability.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Shimanek, of Oxford Junction, Iowa, on July 2nd, a baby girl, weight 8 pounds. Mrs. Shimanek will be remembered as Miss Tillie Henik of Tonganoxie.

Within the past few weeks two of the greatest catastrophies have occurred that are recorded in modern history. The two events are the eruption of Vesuvious and the earthquake of San Francisco. By the aid of the camera, scenes connected with the San Francisco earthquake and the conflagration that followed have been preserved. Every detail been caught and held. The reeling walls, the falling buildings, the wrecking of streets and avenues are all shown from start to finish. Laming's hall, tomorrow night.

Miss Stella Leighty found 32 of her chickens dead Tuesday morning, the destruction having been wrought by a mink. A little later she heard another squawk and saw something attempting to drag a fowl into a pile of scrap iron. She procured a shotgun, and blew the mink to pieces the first shot, with only the struggling fowl to guide her aim.

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