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Poet’s Corner

December 20, 2006

Editor's note: This week's poet is Asa E. Kesinger, a former Tonganoxie resident, who now lives in Lawrence.

A Recipe

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This recipe I will give you
And set it to rhyme
It's very inexpensive
And requires but little time.
This will keep forever
Should you store it away
Or use a generous helping
Each and every day
Take a bowl full of happiness
Add to it a smile
Dash in some laughter
Every once in awhile
Separate all the gossip
And throw it away
Add a generous helping of sunshine
For each sad and lonely day
Add some understanding
And a bit of wisdom too
And enough patience
That's adequate for you
Add a lot of forgiveness
Sift out all the hate
Go easy on the envy
Add praise for extra weight
Combine this with honesty
Quite a lot will do
Now add reliability
That's suitable for you
You may want to add some love
If you have it to spare
For a special person
With whom you'd like to share
Add all ingredients together
And let them all blend
You will have made yourself
A long and lasting friend.

Dust Upon The Shelf

An individual strolled by
A bible in his hand
He looked so much different
Than any other man.
His clothes were clean but shabby
His bible looked the same
Upon his face was happiness
And from it a smile came.
He looked so pure and wholesome
Quite different than the rest
For he was judged from within
And not how he was dressed.
No doubt the Lord walked with him
As he strolled by himself
And his shabby looking bible
Wasn't collecting dust from the shelf.
His bible had been used a lot
Badly worn you could see
And it also left a message
Perhaps for you and me.
A person is judged from within
And not how you dress yourself
And the bible isn't read a lot
When collecting dust upon the shelf.

The Angel

The Lord sent down angel
To add joy in my life
We were so happy
When declared man and wife
She was a beauty
Friendly smile and pleasant way
Always good she saw in others
With encouraging words to say
The Lord then sent a son and daughter
And we gave them tender care
For we had love and compassion
For each of them to share
But age has cast its shadow
As we reminisce of the past
The joy we have shared together
And memories that will last and last
The Lord some day will call us
To enter that beautiful place
I will thank Him for the angel
When I meet him face to face.

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