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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

February 1, 2006

Happy birthday, Lois. How well I remember when you were learning to sew and your "I can do it" attitude.

As I helped a young lady the other day, I remembered so well your mastering the same. When you would say, "Now I got it -- no, no don't help me I'll get it this time."

After several more tries she did, too. It looks so easy and it does become that. We all know how trying it can be when tying a knot in the end of a sewing thread, those first few times. It's almost necessary (and it sure helps) if we wet the end of the thread first, then loop it around the end of the middle finger and roll it off with the thumb, sliding the knot down to the thread end. It gets easy, doesn't it -- just as so many things we do in this world of sewing.

Grandmas with little granddaughters living nearby have such fun learning to sew. It's hard now to find the little learn-how fun kits for teaching a child to sew. I wonder why. It seems we lost a lot of things when we lost the old 10-cent store. A lot of us remember them, right?

Ann the other day said, "My thread keeps knotting and snarling. It just has to be this new thread, doesn't it."

I've always been told to thread the needle with the just cut off end as you cut it from the spool. If you thread with the opposite end, it takes all of the gloss off the thread, the thread becomes wooly knots and breaks more easily. I've always found that for some spools this is true, especially the cotton threads

One should always use a needle that is a little thicker than the thread, this will open the material enough for the thread to come through without unnecessary pulling and tugging. Remember to cut thread on a slant also.

Happy sewing.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;

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