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Letter to the editor: Don’t change city’s government

February 1, 2006

To the editor:

We the people by due process have elected Dave Taylor to be our mayor and to be the head of our city government.

As a longtime resident, he is familiar with the problems of a small town. Now, comes a new resident of Tonganoxie and an appointed city administrator who wants all the power of the mayor taken away and given to himself. A man who is new to our city.

As I understand it, the city administrator is supposed to be an aide to the mayor, not his boss. As it stands now, all city employees are answerable to the mayor and the city council and are entitled to recourse, if terminated, to a hearing by the mayor and city council.

If the power to terminate any city employee is given to the city administrator, what recourse would any city employee have? Would this be a civil lawsuit against the city?

Also, I wonder why our city administrator has a large five-digit salary and our mayor and city council receive nothing in monetary compensation. I wonder if our city administrator would do his job for nothing like the rest of our city government. It is also a matter of who is going to draw up a new charter. Can the city pay for a consultant and election to put a new charter into place?

Let's leave things alone.

Robert Nickle,


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