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Letter to the editor

Priority of turnpike interchange

February 22, 2006

To the editor:

George Warren's letter in the Feb. 15 edition of The Mirror is the second letter to the editor concerning the priority of a turnpike entrance for Tonganoxie. Since these articles, I have heard others express concern about the need for such a project, and, if there is a benefit, its priority over other road projects within the county and needs for improvements within the city of Tonganoxie. Opinions expressed see no advantage in access to Lawrence, cities west, or to metropolitan Kansas City, for those living in or within the general community of Tonganoxie. If access were desirable for some, south of the city, would there be a toll gate to access Lawrence?

Certainly, many of our country roads have been neglected for years, in spite of new homes being built. Chip and sealing these roads would make safer driving for individuals and school buses, and reduce vehicle maintenance. I would also expect more rapid development around the city, which in turn would bring in new business. I suspect that these tax monies might also be neededo make the city of Tonganoxie more attractive,nd toreate a theme that would preserve "Old Tonganoxie."

I would like to see a discussion of these issues before accepting the turnpike entrance as a priority.

George L. Cooper,


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