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Fireworks set off Sunday

January 18, 2006

Fireworks lit up the sky Sunday night in Tonganoxie.

Exactly where the firecrackers were shot off and why still is in question.

About 9:30 p.m., extensive fireworks were set off. They appeared to be shot off near Tonganoxie High School. Police Sgt. Billy Adcox said an officer investigated, but found no evidence.

"Nobody seems to know anything about it," Adcox said. "The only thing I know is six or seven of them were taped to a bucket lid."

On Monday, Adcox said the remains of the fireworks and the lid were found near the police station on Fourth Street, so it's unknown where the fireworks actually were ignited.

Police Chief Kenny Carpenter said a citizen might have found the firework remains and dropped them off outside the station.

"It looks like probably a large bottle rocket from the stand they shot it out of," Carpenter said.

LeAnn Bond, who lives on Gould Street southeast of the high school, said she heard fireworks twice. She said, "one round went off for a while" around 9:30 p.m. and then she heard more fireworks 20 minutes later.

She said her husband, Matt, looked outside to the north and saw the first round of fireworks. During the second round, though, he didn't actually see any fireworks in the sky.

Bond said she thought there were some festivities occurring she didn't know about.

"Is there some celebration or something?" Bond said. "I thought I was missing out on some kind of party."

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