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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

January 25, 2006

I was thinking the other day that "remember when" is a phrase we often use. I was fussing with some interfacing and thought, "Oh, this is such a snap." Progress is all around us, and sometimes we forget.

We used to have to rely on another fabric, a third layer placed between the fabrics, then sewn in. Organdy was a favorite with its nice crisp permanent finish. I still use it a lot. It's still one of my favorites when making buttonholes down a shirtfront, for instance. It is so strong and durable and it's very lightweight.

We also used layers of permanent finish nylon net as an interfacing. It is still good and reliable for mending lace.

I really appreciate all of the new fusible facings, coming now in all weights. To make a better and more lasting fuse, spray-dampen the area and iron it dry.

Stitch witchery is another fusible material. It's very thin and comes on a roll. There are so very many uses for that. In an emergency, you can turn up a hem, fuse it in place and be on your way. Be sure to stitch it down later to be sure it stays. It has become a must for applique work for many of us.

Why can't we have feed sacks or fabric equal to them back again? That would really be the day, as Billie Aye said the other day. She remembers when her mom made bloomers to match her dresses. Billie is well-known for her fabulous dolls. She makes the dolls even like very old ones. Some were stuffed with sawdust, and their bodies were made of soft leather. She does them all.

The other day she was so thrilled a friend had given her some old feed sack fabric. She was making it up into doll cloths.

Cathy and I were in the fabric store the other day. They even have pattern books out now for all sorts of purses. And they have purse-making parties. Purses are being made now out of everything imaginable, even carpet scraps. Oh I like it I like it. I'm still having fun making them out of blue jeans. But then, old jeans never die, do they?

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