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On the Street

Would you be in favor of the city replacing Chieftain Swimming Pool?

July 5, 2006

Steve McClendon

"Yeah I'm sure I would. It's good for the community. Population is expanding so why not the pool I guess."

Jean Scheller

"Well I have to say since I've been around here so long that I'm partial to this pool. It never seems real crowded because it's so large."

LeighAnn Ditty

"I guess it kind of depends on the cost and everything. It would be great if they could kind of upgrade it and make it a little bit nicer. But yeah, I think it's great that we have a pool here in Tonganoxie."

Jennifer Vorbeck

"I think it's great. I think it's good for the community to have the pool. It's a place for the kids to come. We're still small enough it's nice to have our own so we don't have to go outside the city. I am a little sentimental to it too. I've been coming here since I was a kid."

Jenny Sparks

"Yes, because this pool is too small. I think they need to add more for the littler kids. All they have is the small baby pool. They need to do like a water park type thing."

Jaymme Chilson

"Since Tonganoxie is such a small town the kids need more of a pool that's bigger with more activities and stuff to do to keep them busy during the summer."

Darren Shupe

"I think it's a good thing...I've been really happy with the pool but I understand with the lack of the diving board and the lack of certain smaller slides that we've had it does limit some of the enjoyment of the older kids."

Daniel Knapp

"I'm always in favor of stuff for kids. It's good to let kids get out and do things and spend time with other kids. I don't see anything wrong with the current pool either. I think it's big enough for no bigger of a town that we are."

Brad Calovich

"I think it's a great idea. Maybe something like Lawrence has where the kids can get in and walk around and play a little bit instead of the little baby pool."

Kylie Hatfield

"It would make it a nicer area in the pool. A lot of people use the pool. With Tonganoxie growing and stuff a new pool is kind of what we need."

Sammie McDaniel

"I think that the Tongie pool needs to be redone because you have so many pools around here that have slides and just so much things for the little kids to do but there's not much for them to do here."

Mallory Harell

"This place has been around for nearly 80 years. Well, it's not really big enough if you ask me. Sure it's small and nice but I kind of like it when it's much bigger."

Emily Minear

"I think it's going to be really cool because there isn't very much room and there's always a lot of people here so it gets really crowded."

Danielle Bard

"I actually really really like that because this pool is kind of small and with all the new people and all the new developments and these new kids coming into town I think it would be better because then there would be a lot more room for the kids to swim."

John Lenahan

"I hate to put any money in it. It doesn't pay off that good. You get a couple of cool years and then you're in trouble...We're not ready for a new pool. The maintenance on this is only a fraction of the percent of what it would cost to build a new one."

Tammy Starcher

"It's about time. Look at these other smaller towns and their pools are huge."

Don Pelzl

"I think that they're overstretching their financial means a little bit too much if they considered that at present. They've got too many irons in the fire."

J.W. Evans

"I think that if it needs to be replaced, let's replace it. It's been a plus for our town for over 50 years, 60 years probably. Well I think we need to keep the swimming pool."

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