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Recycling bins prove profitable for school

July 5, 2006

Don't throw that paper away.

Recycling bins that, during the last few years, have lined Church Street just north of the Tonganoxie Elementary School playground, have been moved.

The bins now are near Second and Shawnee, north of the school's north gymnasium.

Because of new curbing and a sidewalk being built north of the playground, the bins were relocated.

According to TES assistant principal Tammie George, the bins won't be moved back to their original spot because of the new curbing. She said heavy trucks that are used to periodically empty the bins would damage the curbing.

But George said the bins won't remain near Second and Shawnee.

"That's obviously very temporary because it's taking up some parking spaces," George said.

By Aug. 1, George said the bins would be moved elsewhere on TES property, possibly near Fourth Street. At Fourth and Shawnee, there is a small parking lot just south of the school. George said there's a grassy area between the parking lot and the playground where the bins might eventually be placed.

"But they will be on school property," George said.

Currently, the school has four recycling bins, but George is hoping that the school soon will have just three bins, with recycling collectors picking up paper on a more frequent basis, maybe weekly.

The recycling system has paid off for the elementary school.

From During the school's most recent operating year, from July 1, 2005, to June 30, 2006, the school has received about $3,000 from Abitibi for its recyclable paper.

"Every time a driver comes out he always comments about the large response they have," George said.

The driver has indicated he collects more paper from TES than any other site, George said.

The school uses the money for student activities, George said.

For instance, if the school has a speaker talk to students and the speaker requires a stipend, school officials pay the speaker with Abitibi money. The money also is used to fund other activities, such as field trips.

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