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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 12, 2006

Our good friend Anna Landauer writes us in reference to cleaning the sewing machine.

Several years ago, a man from the extension department, who was teaching a group of homemakers how to clean and repair their own sewing machines, had told them to use silicone to lubricate a sewing machine. That's because other oils had wax in them.

Now that is good to know. I haven't checked, but I suppose there is a list of ingredients on that oil can label.

Anna also enlarges buttonholes by clipping that back edge, to make the buttonhole longer. However, she then coats the cut edge with clear nail polish, top and bottom.

She also stops runs in hose by dabbing a little nail polish on the snag before it becomes a run, and it stops that run in its tracks. That is an oldie but a real goodie that has saved many a pair of hose.

She also uses nail polish on the threads anchoring buttons. On a new coat or when replacing those buttons, just dab the polish over the threads, holding the buttons. Oh Anna, that is indeed a great idea.

She also believes that we oldsters can and should pass on our ideas to the younger generation. Don't we all agree? In fact don't we know that is an old-fashioned way of life. That is what family life is all about. The root of this great nation began with people helping people and it has never stopped.

As we look about us, read the news and watch TV one may think the good old days are gone. Then some emergency happens and we realize "oh yes, it's still there."

After all this is America, folks. Thank God and count your blessings.

Thanks loads, Anna. Great hearing from you again.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;

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