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Aspiring basketball players participate in annual camp

June 7, 2006

The NBA Finals start Thursday in Dallas, but Tonganoxie youths were working to develop their basketball skills last week as the pros once did when they were youngsters.

Roughly 60 youths from fourth through eighth grade participated in the tournament.

"It was a great turnout," THS boys basketball coach David Walker said. "Probably one of our best in the seven years we've been running it."

The Tonganoxie High boys and girls basketball programs put on the camp, while First State Bank and Trust provided basketballs for the campers to use and take home.

Also instructing at the clinic with Walker were assistant boys coach Matt Bond, assistant girls coach Lindsey Graf, former girls assistant Sue Walker and athletics director Brandon Parker.

These high school basketball players also helped with the camp -- Tyler Miles, Jamison Bloomer, Rob Schlicht, Shannon Carlin, Tracie Hileman and Ali Pistora.

As was the case last year, the camp focused on areas such as footwork and shooting.

"I thought they did a great job," Walker said. "I think they picked up on a lot of concepts really well.

"On the last day, we did a lot of 5-on-5 scrimmages.

You could see them trying to use a lot of those concepts we had been working on."

As has become tradition at the annual clinic, campers participated in daily lay-up and "hot shot" contests.

In the lay-up contest, campers had 30 seconds to make as many lay-ups as they could. In the hot shot contest, campers had 45 seconds to attempt shots from different spots on the court.

Campers were awarded additional points if they attempted shots from each of the designated spots and sunk a shot at each spot. A boy and girl from each grade received candy and a certificate for highest score in their class.

In each class, the boy and girl who won the lay-up contest also won the hot shot contest. Here are those winners by grade:

Winners in the hot shot and lay-up contests were:

Fourth grade

Tressa Walker and Conner Wentz-Hall.

Fifth grade

Rachel Gumm and Eric Tate.

Sixth grade

Madee Walker and Tyler Hall.

Seventh grade

Hayley Smith and Ben Williams.

Eighth grade

Brielle Bissitt and Keith Slater.

Camp participants

These local youths participated in last week's Tonganoxie basketball camp:

Fourth grade

Kyle Caldwell, Kayen DeMarr, Justin Patrick, Garrett Martin, Clayton Neas, Ben Clark, Jordyn Carlin, Connor Wentz-Hall, Tressa Walker, Michael Stevens and Mac Smith.

Fifth grade

Rachel Gumm, Kristen Hawkins, Katelyn Waldeier, Travis Woods, Eric Tate, Tyler Wehmehyer, Bonnie Monahan and Wyatt Weeks.

Sixth grade

Savannah Bailey, Jody Baragary, Evan Greenwell, Tyler Hall, John Lean, Karissa Papa, Alec Smith, Carley Smith, Madee Walker, Jo Kissinger and Matthew Saathoff.

Seventh grade

Niki Beggs, Cody Campbell, Dane Erickson, Britney Kabuya, Brook Kerbaugh, Beth Krivjansky, Cody Martin, Brittani Papa, Haley Smith, Jake Spencer, Wes Williams, Chelsie Hallgrimson, Megan Hummelgaard, Marcus Titterington, Jonas Myers, Brianna Dohrn, Brady Waldeier, Ben Williams, Emma Slater, Daniel Monahan and Taylor Clark.

Eighth grade

Brielle Bissitt, Keith Slater and Grae Willbanks.

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