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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

June 28, 2006

In a letter the other day, Lois R. said, "I also think we old hands should pass along our knowledge to the younger folks -- whether it be sewing or any other practical craft we use in our everyday lives. It is not only our privilege, it is our duty. My generation honored our father and our mother, respected our elders and learned from them. Maybe if a lot of old grannies like me feel it's their duty to teach younger folks who want to be taught some of our skills, we can restore, in part, some of the dignity of hard work that was so much a part of our upbringing."

I am sure we all agree with you, that is still the best way to learn. Offer your skills, volunteer at school, or with 4-H youngsters. Thanks again, Lois.

Then comes J.J., with her buttonholes. "They were just too tight, but I fixed them in a hurry," she said. "I just cut the very back end of the buttonhole through the stitches. ... There is really no strain on that end of the buttonhole in holding that button anyway."

She is right. Just watch them if they begin to ravel out, then use some hand buttonhole stitches to secure them.

She also fixes torn-off buttons. (Her small son just yanked to unbutton his shirt, tearing out the whole button.) She now sews them on, with a tough row of selvedge under the buttons.

I also save those selvedge strips. You will find many uses for them, from ties for plants to seam reinforcements.

Have great week, and pass on those hugs. God bless you all

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