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Remember When: A Community Review

June 28, 2006

10 years ago: May 29, 1996

Tonganoxie remembers sacrifices. The Tonganoxie community celebrated Memorial Day twice this year -- once at Hubbel Hill Cemetery and again at the Reusch VFW Memorial Park. Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars hoisted the flag donated by Richard and Almeda Tinberg to the top of the pole on Memorial Day. Bob Babcock, Harold Putthoff, Jim Watson, Lloyd DeHoff, Harold Denholm, Don Krauss and Dale Freeman were pictured at VFW Park.

Deaths: Sophie Banks, 82, Brighton, Colo., died May 21, 1996. Ruth Gladys Bohanon, 78, Kansas City, passed away May 23, 1996.

Birth: Zane and Teri Morgan announce the birth of a daughter, Taylar Rae Morgan, born April 23, 1996.

Anniversaries: George and Wanda (Brown) Harris, Tonganoxie, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary on June 8, 1996. A reception will be held at their home on June 8 from 2 to 5 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Theno Jr. will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a reception from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. Sunday, June 2, 1996, at Walnut Grove Bible Church in Bonner Springs.

The Tonganoxie senior class of 1996 recently gave a donation of $2,000 to the Tonganoxie High School library that was used to purchase a set of scientific encyclopedias and a CD player to be used throughout the building. The money was also enough to purchase several VCR's.

25 years ago: May 27, 1981

A birthday reception was held at the Florence Riford Center Sunday afternoon, May 17, for Ada Keck, who was celebrating her 90th birthday. Mrs. Mina Lawrence celebrated her 94th birthday May 14, with a birthday party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Turner Sr.

Deaths: Mr. Edward G. Klinkenberg, Tonganoxie, passed away May 26, 1981. Mrs. Queenie A. Leimkuhler, 80, Kansas City, Kan., died Wednesday.

Mrs. Ola "Elsie" Babcock will celebrate her 87th birthday, Wednesday (today). Sunday, the 24th, her family gathered together to honor her, and all enjoyed dinner at the Green Lantern.

Jarbalo Jottings: Earlene Keith died Thursday night. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Mr. John "Chip" Lenahan has been transferred to Topeka from Fort Madison, Iowa, and has been promoted to chief shop technician in the General Offices of the Santa Fe Railroad Co.

Mr. Tom W. Laming, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. Laming, graduated from Kansas University May 18, with the highest distinction from the College of Liberal Arts and Science, majoring in physics.

The Leavenworth County Sheriff Department is forming a mounted patrol which will assist the department and other law enforcement agencies in such areas as searching for lost children, traffic control and other functions of law enforcement when necessary.

50 years ago: June 14, 1956

Death: Mrs. Sarah Strong, grandmother of Mrs. Fred Cox, passed away June 11, at Oaklawn, Ill. On June 15, Mrs. Strong would have been 81 years of age. Incidentally, Mrs. Cox was born on her grandmother's birthday.

Edward J. Fanning, 27, drowned in a farm pond last Thursday, northwest of Basehor.

Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Johnson from Memphis, Tenn., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jacka. Mrs. Johnson is a cousin of Mrs. Jacka and they hadn't seen each other for 56 years.

Discuss Air Strip at State Lake: An Associated Press Dispatch from Washington, D.C., Tuesday, announced federal aid on an air strip landing field at the Leavenworth County State Lake near Tonganoxie. A project, estimated to cost $65,000 would draw $32,500 in federal aid for airport construction, as a state-federal project.

75 years ago: May 31, 1931

Deaths: E.B. Meritt, aged 74 years, died Wednesday afternoon at the home in Tonganoxie. Rev. Leslie M. Lucas, aged 60 years, passed away at his home in Lee's Summit, Mo., last Wednesday. R.J. Oliver, age 79, a farmer near Muncie in Wyandotte Co., died as a result of injuries received in a car wreck near Linwood Sunday. J.K. Moss, Neodesha, cousin of Mrs. Chas. Husband, died recently. Sam Hill, a well-known pioneer resident of Leavenworth County, died at his home at Ackerland, last Friday night. Mr. Hill was 74 years of age. Burial was in Fall Creek cemetery.

Kirby McRill Breaks Into Kansas City News By Hair Cut Route: Lewis M. Siegfried, chief of police, stood at an open window of his office at the city hall. A man pushing a wheelbarrow along the sidewalk halted beneath the chief. The man was Kirby McRill, he of the flaming red mane -- the celebrated pedestrian -- he who ignores stop signs and red lights on the theory his wheelbarrow is not a vehicle -- Kirby, the walking signboard -- he who went unkissed for many years -- Kirby, who has suffered from high blood pressure since being abandoned by his wife, Daisy Belle Hicks McRill, the dashing barberette. "Hello, Kirby," called the chief. Then he voiced a question, which has been in the minds of thousands of Kansas Citians: "When are you going to get a shave and haircut?" Kirby tossed back his flowing locks, seized the handles of his wheelbarrow, and replied: "Not till Daisy Belle comes back to me. No hand but hers will ever put scissors to my head!" "How long has she been gone?" "Eight years, chief." "She may not return, then, what?" But Kirby was striding down the street. --Kansas City Star.

J.J. Bleakley has purchased a large new Dodge truck for use on his Star route between Lawrence and Leavenworth. This was the first Dodge truck of this size to be sent west from Detroit. There are several of this kind in use in the eastern states.

Reno: Gophers are encroaching on Mr. A.C. Hess's rose garden.

100 years ago: May 31, 1906

Chas. B. French has presented the Mirror several boxes of fine strawberries last week.

The Tonganoxie ball club scored their first victory of the season Sunday. They beat Lawrence by a score of 7 to 0.

Squire Swinney is home from the National Home to spend a few days with his family.

Basehor: Uncle Reuben Edminister has been very low with the dropsy for the past few weeks.

Basehor: Mr. Guthrie, of Six Corners, helped James Hamilton drive over a bunch of cattle from that place Friday.

Within a radius of about seven miles of Tonganoxie over 30,000 pounds of milk are produced daily, without counting that which is privately consumed and which is turned into butter by the producer.

J.P. Coe has cherries to sell. If people come and pick them the price will be 50 cents per crate and $1.00 per crate if he picks them.

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