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County 4-H members test their performance skills

March 1, 2006

With plenty of homework and special school projects coming due, area students are volunteering to take on additional work.

But for those who participate in Leavenworth County 4-H Day, the chores aren't necessarily viewed as work.

During this year's events, 4-H members could be seen performing hands-on demonstrations with live animals, reading from favorite authors, dancing with dogs, performing creative skits and applying proper meeting skills.

"The purpose of the annual event is for youths to present or perform before an audience," said Beth Hecht, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent. "This leads to higher self-confidence and improved communication skills. Preparation and practice are the key to any contest. They are also among the life skills that 4-H teaches."

Contestants are evaluated by judges, given feedback and presented an award. Top blue ribbon winners from each contest will compete for regional honors on March 1 at Atchison Elementary School in Atchison.

Here's a list of the winners:

Model meetings

Top blue: Happy Hollow 4-H Club

Blues: Bell 4-H Club, Happy Helpers 4-H Club and Livewires 4-H Club.

Reds: Boling 4-H Club and Friendship Valley 4-H Club.

Project talks

Top Blues: Katie Campbell, Livewires; and Victoria Thompson, Boling.

Reds: Abe Buddish, Friendship Valley; Trevon Thomas, Happy Hollow; and Kenny Campbell, Livewires.

Public speaking

Top blues: Nicole Allen, Reno Bobwhites; and Sarah Smith, Happy Helpers.

Blues: Shannon Smith, Happy Helpers; and Kelly Yunghans, Livewires.

Reds: David Campbell and Shilyn Guthrie, both of Livewires.

Junior demonstrations

Top Blues: Aaron Adams, Bell; and Kelsi Briggs and Matthew Briggs, both of Happy Helpers.

Blues: Aaron McIntyre, Reno Bobwhites; Alex Zink, Stranger Creek; Carl Hecht, Livewires; Ethan Johnson, Boling; Hadley DeHoff, Friendship Valley; Lane Hecht, Livewires; Lauren Hoge, Wranglers; Matt Spezia, Boling; Matthew Saathoff, Reno Bobwhites; Megan Briggs, Happy Helpers; Natalie Zink, Stranger Creek; and Victoria Thompson, Boling.

Reds: Austin Wiley, Reno Bobwhites; Brooke Wilson, Basehor Rustlers; Destiny Mestagh, Happy Helpers; Dustin Zink, Stranger Creek; Elizabeth Patrick, Wranglers; Harland Cooper, Happy Hollow; Justin Patrick, Wranglers; and Mary Butler, Friendship Valley.

Senior demonstrations

Top Blues: Audrey Knapp, Glenwood; and Norman Schlight, Reno Bobwhites.

Blues: Ryan Grammer, Jacob Reynolds and Ben Reynolds, Reno Bobwhites.

Red: Amanda Gleissner, Basehor Rustlers; and Hilary Mosbacher, Boling.

Piano solo

Top Blue: Nicole Allen, Reno Bobwhites.

Blue: Erin Sours, Independent; Rachel Bieniecki, Horse; Tina Allen, Reno Bobwhites; Tyler Lunsford, Happy Hollow; Victoria Thompson, Boling; Zach Warren, Fort Leavenworth SAS; Clinton Megee, Reno Bobwhites; Dustin Zink, Stranger Creek; Kelsi Briggs, Happy Helpers; Lauren Thrower, Fort Leavenworth SAS; Sadie Jane Johnson, Boling; and Vanessa Redford, Bell.

Instrumental solo

Top Blue: Austin Lunsford, Happy Hollow.

Blue: Jacob Phillips, Basehor Rustlers; and Elizabeth Patrick, Wranglers.

Red: Gelia Gardner, Livewires.

Instrumental ensemble

Top Blue: Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club.

Red: Mayginnis Hustlers 4-H Club.

Vocal solo

Top Blue: Jason Miles, Reno Bobwhites.

Blues: Bonnie Monahan and Alexandria Packard, both of Reno Bobwhites.

Red: Ashley Zink, Stranger Creek.

White: Meghan Sullivan, Boling.

Vocal Ensemble

Top Blue: Happy Hollow 4-H Club

Blue: Happy Hollow 4-H Club


Top Blue: Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club


Top Blue: James Bailey, Mayginnis Hustlers.

Blues: Karisa Garber, Boling; Aimee Ostermeyer, Friendship Valley; Emily Knapp, Glenwood; Madison Eddy, Northeast Leavenworth; and Austin Wiley and Ben Reilly, both of Reno Bobwhites.

Reds: Lane Hecht and Carl Hecht, both of Livewires; and Abigail Eddy, Northeast Leavenworth.

White: Anna-Maria Hernandez, Northeast Leavenworth.

Creative drama

Top Blue: Mayginnis Hustlers 4-H Club

Other talent

Top Blue: Anna Buddish, Friendship Valley.

Blue: Karisa Garber, Boling.

Small group dance

Top Blue: Glenwood 4-H Club

Blue: Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club

Red: Fort Leavenworth SAS

Individual Dance

Top Blue: Brooke Wilson, Basehor Rustlers.

Red: Madison Richardson, Mayginnis Hustlers; and Grace Reilly, Reno Bobwhites.


Participants: Colton Findeisen, Boling; Mable Mestagh, Happy Helpers; Janae Wallace, Northeast Leavenworth; Martin Reilly, Reno Bobwhites; and Mollie Hoge, Wranglers.

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