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Letter: In support of girls soccer

March 1, 2006

I read with interest the article in the Feb. 15 issue of your paper about the school board's discussion of the potential for a girls soccer team at the high school level. I was very much taken back when I read that while no supporters of the issue showed up, a couple of detractors had shown up. Imagine my dismay when the story indicated they were the high school track coaches, whose only concern was the quality of the team they were going to be able to field.

I admit that I will probably never attend a school board meeting. I trust that the school board has the wisdom to consider the source of the objection when they reach their final decision. I would hope that they have the interests of the female student population in mind when they vote to authorize the creation of a girls soccer program. I firmly believe that the college scholarship opportunities that would be opened to the participants would far outweigh the fact that the Tonganoxie track team won't be so good.

The selfish reasoning to not have a soccer team for the girls should be looked at for exactly what it is.

Douglas Kopf,


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