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Letter to the editor: Gambling’s not the answer

March 15, 2006

To the editor:

Once again, some legislators are talking about expanding gambling in Kansas. This is the solution some seek to try to meet the educational funding requirements as outlined by our State Supreme Court.

God help us!

I can't believe they are actually considering financing education with gambling money. The message from our governor, who supports the idea, and other elected officials would be simple. Kids, you don't need to study, apply yourselves or work hard to get ahead in this world. All you need to do is get lucky.

Why would we want to have the state involved in, or allowing, gambling at all. It's a shame that we already have Indian "gambling," (not gaming), casinos in Kansas. Some of our representatives don't seem to understand that what gambling casinos call profits are actually people's losses. Most, about 85 percent, of the so-called profits are actually losses from people who live within a 50-mile radius of a casino. That would be primarily Kansans.

Expanding gambling will only create, not solve, problems in Kansas.

This current situation was created by our activist court, interfering with the rightful duties of duly elected representatives and a governor who welcomes that activism. Thank you, Gov. Sebelius, for all you do to Kansans. It's time for a new governor, one with real family values, and some new legislators, too.

Ed O'Brien,


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