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Local woman’s monster truck crashes onto national TV scene

March 29, 2006

It's an unlikely pairing -- a monster truck named "Iron Outlaw" and a television hospital sitcom named "Scrubs."

But viewers who watched the weekly prime time program last week saw flying glass as a Tonganoxie monster truck named "Outlaw" crushed into a car at a television set in Burbank, Calif.

Jimmy and Dawn Creten, Tonganoxie, race monster trucks. Jimmy is known as "Bounty Hunter" and Dawn is known as "Scarlet Bandit."

Because the couple was expecting their third child in February, Dawn put racing her monster truck on hold for awhile. So, the truck she usually drives has a different body and driver. It's known as "Outlaw," and is driven by Linsey Weenk.

Brian Manson, who manages the Cretens' monster trucks, said that on Jan. 10, he received a call from the transportation captain of "Scrubs," the man in charge of all vehicles on the show's sets.

"The script called for a monster truck," Manson said. "He (the transportation captain) happened to be a monster truck fan and knew that we were running at Anaheim stadium."

The Anaheim stadium was a mere 45-minute drive from the show's set, which is a former hospital in Burbank.

Arrangements were made.

On Jan. 17, Weenk took a wild ride in "Outlaw," crushing a parked car beside the hospital.

It wasn't meant to be a big moneymaker for the company, Manson said. He noted they just charged for their time and the cost of his flight to Los Angeles.

"We would have done it for free just for the exposure for our sponsors," Manson said. "All of our sponsors are just going absolutely nuts about it -- they think it's the greatest thing that's ever happened."

Meanwhile, Jimmy Creten has just finished participating in Saturday's Las Vegas Monster Jam World Finals where, racing in Bounty Hunter, Cretin lost by mere inches to Grave Digger, driven by Dennis Anderson.

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