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Poet’s Corner: Donna Jansen

November 1, 2006

This poem was written by Donna Jansen, Tonganoxie, whose son William G. Jansen Jr., died on Sept. 17, 2006.

What happens to the mother

of the son that goes before?

The oldest of my children

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Who I cherish and adore.

Please God grant me peace

from this sorrow that I feel.

From the pain of loss

that doesn't seem to be real.

I thank you God for my time with him.

For I know he was on loan.

Though his time on earth was short

I feel I'm not alone.

For he is always with me

in my heart and in my mind.

It eases the grief somewhat

to those he left behind.

So when I go to join him

and those that went before him.

My heart will fill with joy

as I climb those steps to heaven.

For who leads the line to welcome me

as I climb my final hill

The man who's well and fit and happy

My son-Bill.

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