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Our view: It’s time to consider running for boards

November 8, 2006

Wow. What an election.

And now it's over. No more candidates telling us at the end of stinging TV commercials that they approve the message. No more calls from pollsters, wondering how we're going to vote. No more calls from recorded voices we don't know encouraging us to vote for their "friend."

No more.

But another election is just around the corner. This one is extremely important.

On April 4 -- in just five short months -- we'll head to the polls again to vote for school board, city council and mayoral candidates.

And if you were interested in Tuesday's election, the April 4 election should really catch your attention. It's members of the city council and school board that set the policies that affect us and our families, day-in and day-out.

But first, the race must catch the attention of several qualified candidates.

So far, only one person -- Mayor Dave Taylor -- has tossed his hat in the ring. Two city council seats are up for grabs, in addition to the mayor's chair.

In Tonganoxie, city council seats held by Velda Roberts and Ron Cranor will be up for election. Cranor has indicated he's not interested in seeking re-election. The city council is elected by all voters in the city, not by districts.

And on the Tonganoxie school board, positions held by these board members are up for election: Diane Truesdell, position No. 1; Ron Moore, position No. 2; Leanna Leslie, position No. 3; and Richard Dean, at-large.

So if you're interested in our city or our schools, and if you think you can be useful, please consider running. Think about it for a few weeks. But don't take too long.

The filing deadline is Jan. 23.

And if enough candidates file to force a primary election, that will be held on Feb. 27. It would be great if we needed to conduct a primary election because a high number of residents of the city and the Tonganoxie school district decided they wanted to run.

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