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Remember When: A community review

November 8, 2006

Tom and Jean Murry went Oct. 28 to Bichelmeyer's to celebrate Jean's birthday.

Family members helping her celebrate were Pat and Jeanne Murry; Marianne Murry and her friend, Curtis; Travis and Alison Brown, Allan and Jamie, all of Olathe; Morgan Miller and Matt, McLouth, Rachel Quisenberry and Anthony; and Diane Murry and Jim Murry.

David and Tracey Turner and Sidney of McLouth brought dinner to David and Jane Turner on Oct. 29 to help Jane celebrate her birthday.

Janie Visocksy, Theresa Aufdemberge and Lacey visited Bid Sheppard on Oct. 30.

The splitting of a persimmon seed recently revealed the shape of a spoon. This means there will be snow to shovel this winter. The shape of a knife would mean cold and sharp winds, and a fork would mean a mild winter. This is about as reliable as any other prediction, but I do hope it is wrong.

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