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Poets’ Corner

November 29, 2006

Editor's note: This week's poet is Mary Patty of Osceola, Mo. Her sister is Eleanor McKee, who writes the Aunt Norie's Sewing Room column for The Mirror.

Rumpled Starch

I've thanked the Lord so many times,

For showing me the way,

That I can serve Him tenderly,

I thank Him every day.

In my youth were many paths,

From which I sought to choose,

I have loved the one I walk,

While wearing nurses shoes.

He made me not, of what it takes,

To be a starched, prim nurse,

But He filled my heart with love,

For Him -- and unstarched verse.

The meter's maybe -- incorrect,

Perhaps -- imperfect verse,

But then I think I haven't heard

There is -- a perfect nurse.


Once upon a day last June

I took a walk, one afternoon.

I sat down, and leaned against

A post that held a weary fence.

The summer sky was very blue,

I think there was a cloud or two,

I watched two yellow butterflies,

And then - I guess I closed my eyes.

I had so many, many dreams,

About the grass and other things,

Summer dreaming....June is nice,

For dreaming dreams of Paradise.

How I loved that summer air,

And the grass - just growing there,

I thought I'd maybe like to stay,

Or come again to dream someday.

But of course I know at times,

Even dreamers change their minds

As I did, because for nights,

I was scratching chigger bites.

Oh, Well

Once upon a crystal sky,

I saw the white clouds floating by,

Then I saw, as I looked down,

Their shadows falling on a town.

On a mountain I saw snow,

And a village there below,

I closed my eyes, and it would seem

I floated off into a dream,

I dreamed I floated in the sky,

Upon the clouds and that is why

When I deplaned I looked a mess.

The landing woke me up, I guess.

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