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Letters to the editor: They deserve better

October 4, 2006

To the editor:

Does Congressman Jim Ryan care about our young men and women in Iraq?

You be the judge.

When Congressman Ryan had the opportunity to vote on a bill with all kinds of laws to protect our servicemen and women against unscrupulous creditors -- Service Members Anti-Predatory Lending Protection Act (House bill H.R. 97) -- he voted no.

When Congressman Ryan had the opportunity to vote on a bill to allow service members and their families to pay in-state tuition if they were stationed in that state (House bill H.R. 197), Congressman Ryan voted no.

When the bill to require institutions of higher education to preserve the educational status and financial resources of military personnel called to active duty (House bill H.R. 333), Mr. Ryan voted no again.

The list goes on, but Congressman Ryan found time to write 19 bills to temporally stop the tariff on about any kind of shoe or shoes you could think of. (House bills H.R. 3386-3395 and H.R. 3483-3491.)

Maybe he needed campaign funds or just felt sorry for the shoe industries. I wish he cared as much about our service members.

Mr. Ryan also found time to write bill H.R. 4168. This bill provides for $500 grants to immigrants who apply for citizenship, to teach them English and history. It would be nice if our service people could get something to help them after they come back home but Congressman Ryan voted against that, too, in bill H.R. 772. That gives us an idea of how much U.S. Congressman Jim Ryan thinks of our service people on active duty.

I'll bet the Big Red One at Fort Riley really likes Mr. Ryan.

Does Congressman Jim Ryan take care of veterans? The Disabled American Veterans give him a zero rating. That is the bottom of the barrel. Folks, if we send them to war, we should take care of them when they are there and when they come home. Don't desert them when you don't need them anymore.

Jim King,

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