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Poets’ Corner: Mike Vestal

October 4, 2006

Editor's note: This week's poetry is by Mike Vestal, Tonganoxie.

True Love will Prevail
Just when I thought I'd lost you for good,
You came back to me, as I prayed you would.
I think you realized what I mean to you
What you mean to me; you already knew.

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We can not hide this love we both share,
Our bond is strong and beyond compare.
This special love that we both feel,
We both truly know that it's for real.

What makes our love so special for each other?
Are the little things we share with one another.
The bigger decisions we talk things through,
That's what two people in love would do.

We love each other; it's plain to see,
I'm in love with you and you with me.
We tried being apart, but to no avail,
The true love we share; will always prevail.

Sad and Blue
Yesterday, I felt sad and blue.
Perhaps it was from guilt for missing you.
The salty tears ran down my face.
As I thought about your love given to me with grace.

Our love, our bond is strong, even today.
Darling I'm sorry things ended in this way.
Please don't think it was all about you.
Honey, I have so many issues I don't know what to do.

The memories of your love are burned deep inside.
These wonderful thoughts will never subside.
You are a great friend, true and strong.
It is in my heart that you belong.

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