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Skate park deserves help from council

October 4, 2006

It was a good idea five years ago. And it's still a good idea. But unlike five years ago, the city should take action to help make a skate park reality.

Let's face it: Tonganoxie offers little to its youth in the form of entertainment. Sure, after-school activities are available. But not everyone is interested in those. And after-school activities occur -- well -- after school. Not on weekends. Not during the summer.

The city is on the brink of trying to build a new, razzle-dazzle swimming pool. And that will be a terrific addition to our community. For three months each year.

The city's recreation commission, along with other groups, including the local Veterans of Foreign Wars, have worked hard to expand our ball fields and parks system. They should be commended.

But five years ago, the city dropped the ball on a skate park.

And now, a new group of young people has asked for the city's help.

And this time, the city should step up and respond positively to the young people's request.

These young people should be commended for their initiative.

Let's move forward with the idea.

Obviously, Tonganoxie youths still are interested in a skate park. They're interested enough that they travel out of town, to Lawrence and Topeka, which offer skate parks to their youths.

But they want to stay home to skate. And they should be afforded that opportunity.

Last week, the city council asked the city administrator to evaluate costs and potential sites for a skate park.

Once the administrator provides his report to city council members and the mayor, they should get behind this idea and roll with it.

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