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Letters to the editor: Slow it down, watch for children; Emergency workers’ help

October 11, 2006

Slow it down, watch for children

To the editor:

On Sept. 27, someone hit and killed a cat that my kids had cared for since it was a kitten.

Tragic, yes, but more so because it happened as my children waited for the bus. They had to watch in horror as he was hit and, I pray, died instantly.

The driver did not stop. Why?

To this driver: Did you not see the cat? Were you going too fast? How could you not see three little girls with looks of horror on their faces?

My oldest daughter flew home screaming and crying that her cat had been hit. We had to keep her home from school she was so distraught. I can only surmise that the driver was going too fast, as is the case with many cars that go down 12th Street on their way to work, to school, etc.

What if that been one of my, or someone else's, child and not our cat? Do not assume that because a child is on the side of the road that you do not need to slow down.

There are bus stops throughout Eagle Valley now. To everyone who drives through the neighborhood: Please slow down and watch out for our kids.

We will heal from the loss of our cat, but could never heal from the loss of a child, and that is my greatest fear.

Jennifer White,


Emergency workers' help

To the editor:

I just want to say how thankful I am for our emergency services in this town.

Last Thursday, I had a medical emergency and was amazed how fast they responded. We are so lucky to have such professional, friendly and quick responding emergency services in Tonganoxie.

I also want to thank Officer Hernandez, the firefighters and paramedics for their help and helping to keep my young son calm while they helped his mommy.

Thanks, guys, for a job well done.

Staci Simpson,


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