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Liquor petition in court’s hands

October 11, 2006

It's possible a decision will come this week on whether McLouth voters will be deciding in November whether to allow liquor sales in their community.

A petition was filed against a liquor store that opened in McLouth, seeking a Nov. 7 vote on the issue.

But the liquor store owner challenged the petition in court.

During a hearing last week, Jefferson County District Judge Gary Nafziger continued the hearing until 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Charles Karmann, who owns McLouth's only liquor store, said the wording of the petition, signed by at least 69 McLouth residents, was confusing.

The petition's statement reads: "No retailer's license shall be issued for premises within the city of McLouth, Kansas, for the sale of retail alcoholic liquor in the original package."

And, the laws are unclear as to whether the petition should have been filed with the Jefferson County clerk or with the city of McLouth, and when the petition should have been filed.

The petition was filed with the county clerk on Sept. 6. After the signatures were verified by the county clerk's office, it was filed Sept. 15 with the city of McLouth.

Nafziger continued the court proceedings to Thursday afternoon, saying, "There's an election coming up, and we have to decide if it's going to be on the ballot."

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