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Poets’ Corner: Mary Patty

October 11, 2006

This week's poet is Mary Patty of Osceola, Mo. Her sister is Elleanor McKee, who writes the Aunt Norie's Sewing Room column for The Mirror.

First Impression

Sadly I have come to know,

Famous sayings are not so.

I have heard the old expression,

That a lasting first impression,

Always carries great impact.

That's a theory - not a fact.

It doesn't pay to bite into,

Anything too much to chew.

Poor advice - and so I say,

Forget it. I have had to pay.

Fallacies they are indeed.

And for now I shall not heed

Sayings. In my new adventure --

Nothing works with a new denture.

My Son Joe

Once a lady said to me,

With such a pleasant smile,

"I've no children, for I know,

They'd really cramp my style."

Style -- perhaps -- but only that.

I'm sure she couldn't know

What it's like to have a son --

Grown up -- and that's my Joe.

He once brought in homeless cats,

Also ... a mangy pup.

It seems he did so many things

I did, when growing up.

He has come home with the dawn.

I've had some sleepless nights.

He has bent the fenders and

He's had a couple fights.

He has left the bathtub black,

And clothes piled on the floor.

He has left his room a mess --

I could have told her more. ...

About the joy -- for when a boy

Is grown -- how nice to know

The boy has changed, a man remains

A son -- and that's my Joe.


Dearest Lord, I thank you for

The soul you breathed into

The dust I am. I hope I can

Return it Lord to you.

Joyful once, a happy soul

A soul you made so pure,

Shackles of my sins, my soul

In pain must now endure.

Saddened now my starving soul

Is longing so -- for Thee.

So am I because, dear Lord,

It is a part of me.

Dearest Lord, I'm sorry for,

The many wrongs I've done.

My sins are in the nails I know,

That crucified Your Son.

My soul is longing for you Lord,

And now I wait for Thee.

Forgive the sin -- please live within

The soul You gave to me.

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