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Backlash over Sebelius’ plans for education board

October 12, 2006

Here are today's headlines from the 2006 election race:


(AP) Sebelius' ed board remarks attacked: A proposal from Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to strip the state school board of its power over education policy is an attempted "power grab," the Republican challenging her re-election said Wednesday. Sebelius, a Democrat seeking a second term this year, said she would make the 10-member elected board advisory and have the governor appoint a secretary to oversee the Department of Education. Sebelius criticized the board's 6-4 conservative Republican majority. She even suggested to a newspaper's editorial board Tuesday that the board is like the Rev. Fred Phelps Sr. and his followers' anti-gay picketing in the bad publicity it brings Kansas. Barnett said while he would support changing the board so that it has an odd number of members - to avoid gridlock - he wouldn't take away its power or abolish it in favor of an appointed board or secretary.

(Kansas Public Radio) Tuition hikes become issue in governor's race: The issue of funding K-through-12 public education has gotten a lot of attention from candidates in Kansas this year. But so far, there's been relatively little talk of funding HIGHER education. A new report shows state funding for colleges and universities is now at an all-time low. And many parents are now feeling the sticker shock from the latest round of tuition increases.

(Wichita Eagle) Sebelius raising more than Barnett from out of state: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is raising money more than 4-to-1 over Republican challenger Jim Barnett and has brought in more money from out of state than Barnett has raised in total.

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