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Kline accuses Morrison of taking pro-choice money

October 13, 2006

Here are today's headlines from the 2006 election race:

Attorney General

(Garden City Telegram) Kline says Morrison got help from pro-choice PAC: As Attorney General Phill Kline released a TV commercial attacking his election opponent Paul Morrison this week, his campaign issued a press release with additional information for reporters. It alluded to financial support for Morrison from ProKanDo, an abortion rights group with backing from abortion doctor George Tiller of Wichita. However, Morrison's campaign continued to deny this week that it has received money from ProKanDo or similar political action committees.

2nd District Congress

(LJW) Ryun gets fund-raising boost from Cheney: Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday raked in more than $200,000 for U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, blasted Democrats on terrorism and taxes and then headed off to the next stop to try to maintain GOP control of Congress.

Other election news

(Kansas Public Radio) Kansas Democrats are reacting sharply to some controversial comments by the executive director of the Kansas Republican Party.

(Hutch News) Flora faces battery charge after 'cockroach' incident: State Rep. Vaughn Flora, D-Topeka, faces a single count of battery stemming from his alleged contact during a Sept. 9 political debate in Hutchinson with a protester masquerading as a cockroach. ... Operation Rescue abortion opponent Troy Newman said his antics during the open-air debate between Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, and Republican gubernatorial nominee Sen. Jim Barnett, Emporia, was political satire. He and another man wore cockroach costumes and masks bearing a picture of Sebelius. Flora was in the audience, with Democratic backers of Sebelius occasionally booing the "cockroaches." During the incident, Newman's mask shifted, tearing skin on his head. The Kansas Highway Patrol talked to Flora and Newman after the incident and submitted reports to the Reno County District Attorney.

(National Review commentary) By EU standards, Kansas is a hotbed of liberal extremism.: Mary Pilcher Cook, a Republican legislator from suburban Kansas City and a particular target of Stowers, worried that voters didn't know what was happening in their own state. "As I go knocking on doors," she said, "I find that unless they've been educated through their church, they just don't know what [embryonic stem cell research] means. They believe what they read in the paper and in the ads." The local press routinely conflates "stem cell research" - which nearly everybody supports - with "embryonic stem cell research" - which only billionaires and "moderate" Kansans support.

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