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Photographs taken at several country schools in county

October 25, 2006

Tonganoxie resident Connie Putthoff has old photographs from one-room country schoolhouses, where Lois Penfold Ward taught. Putthoff is seeking more information about the schools and their students.

"I've also got pictures that are not identified at all as to what school they're from," Putthoff said.

If you think you can help identify people in the photographs or if you have information about these schools, call Putthoff, (913) 845-2905.

The schools that Putthoff has photographs from include:

  • Twist School. The school, apparently now a church, was near the intersection of Kansas Highway 7 and Kansas Avenue, in what now is Bonner Springs.
  • Sarcoxie, near Linwood. Tonganoxie resident Deloris White is working with Putthoff to identify students in these photographs. Grade books for 1928 through 1930 were included.
  • Mackey School, on Kansas Highway 32, which now apparently is a machine shop.

"I have newspaper articles about their school reunions," Putthoff said. Those apparently started in the mid-1970s. "The neat thing about this is that I recognize lots of the names in here," Putthoff added. And some of the photographs from Mackey School are from reunions.

  • Dafer School, southeast of Tonganoxie, including grade books for 1930-32.
  • Mound School, west of Tonganoxie, including grade books for 1932-36,
  • Hawk Hollow School, south of Tonganoxie.
  • Pleasant Prairie, on County Road 4, west of Tonganoxie, including grade books for 1936-42. The building apparently is a home.
  • Kanwaka School in Douglas County. No photos, but grade books from 1946 through 1950.

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