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Couple look for owner of cockatiel

September 6, 2006

You can't put a leash on a cockatiel.

So occasionally, the birds get away.

That's what happened to the still-missing JBird, who flew out the coop, and the front door, last month.

And it must be what happened to another bird, one found Thursday at the elementary school playground.

That evening, Paul Wilson sat in his living room. Next to him, in JBird's large cage, was a pearly toned cockatiel. The bird was pretty, he noted.

"But it belongs to someone else," Wilson said.

Wilson and his wife, Chrystal, whose cockatiel last month flew out the front door, are serving as the bird's foster family until its owner can be found.

Here's how the Wilsons ended up with the bird.

Thursday afternoon during recess, a student saw a cockatiel sitting on the side of a trash can near the playground. He picked up the bird.

Deanna Sittner, one of the teachers on recess duty, knew the bird was someone's pet.

"He was very friendly and nice," Sittner said. "But I was afraid he would get away and he seemed a little stressed. I just held him in between my hands and walked him inside. He just chewed on me a little, he was very nice. You could tell he was a pet."

In the school office, someone remembered seeing a poster about a missing cockatiel. So they rounded up a phone number and called Chrystal Wilson, whose cockatiel, JBird, escaped in August.

Her husband, Paul Wilson, and her father-in-law, Mike Wilson, went to the school to pick up the bird.

"It turned out it wasn't ours, but we thought we could keep it till somebody claims it," Chrystal Wilson said.

After all, her home already had a cage for the bird to roost.

"She's a really, really sweet bird," Wilson said of the bird found at the school. "She cuddles. I walked in the door and instantly she just cuddled up to me. She's a very tame bird."

Wilson wants to return the bird to its owner. And in the meantime, she's also hoping JBird will show up.

"I had a dream that she was going to be missing for one month and that I was going to check the mail and she was going to fly in the door," Wilson said in her soft voice. "But I don't know if it's going to happen that way."

By now, it's possible JBird has found a new home.

"I just hope that she's safe and that she's happy and that if somebody else has her that they love her as much as I do," Wilson said.

Sittner, one of the teachers supervising some 120 children on the playground when the bird was found, said she was glad to be able to help with the bird's rescue.

"It was the first time ever I've picked up anything like that at recess," Sittner said. "We pick up a lot of strange things, but never a bird."

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