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As one video store’s door close, opening credits roll on another

Former manager of Couch Potato to open Famous Stars

April 25, 2007

Couch Potato Video officially closed its doors Tuesday night, but connoisseurs of fine films should fear not. Craig Gerfen, former Couch Potato Video manager, will be opening the doors of his own video rental store this week.

Friday will mark the grand opening day of Famous Stars Video located in the former Auction Barn, 302 Shoemaker Way.

With his new store, which is behind Unlimited Fitness, Gerfen plans on maintaining the same quality of service but with more selection.

"Something I've always tried to pride Couch Potato on is being able to have movies that people want when they want them," he said.

Gerfen said he wanted to get away from Couch Potato Video so he could focus on his own ideas. He has spent around $35,000 redesigning and renovating the auction house to create his store's own image.

"I wanted to create my own identity and my own logo that I could market since I didn't own Couch Potato or the logo," he said.

The new 4,000-square-foot store will be able to accommodate 2,000 more titles including more copies of new releases and more video games than his current location.

"It's more spacious, it's easier to get in and out of, more parking, more floor space and no price increase," Gerfen said.

Devon Daily, who worked at Couch Potato Video, said she was excited about moving into the larger store and keeping the hometown attitude.

"I think it's going to be nice to have more room," she said. "(Gerfen) is making it bigger, but he's keeping it small."

The opening of the new store will also bring the return of the much-missed drive-up drop box, which was removed after people kept backing into it at Couch Potato.

"People have been asking for it on a daily basis for years," Gerfen said. "It will be back up here so people will be able to drive up when there's inclement weather and drop stuff off."

The new store is a way for Gerfen, who lives in Shawnee with his family, to stay in the town that gave him his start.

"Since we moved here in 2003, the town has totally embraced me. Year after year after year business has only increased. It has been phenomenal. This is a way to repay everybody for how great everybody has been," he said.

While there are currently no plans to open stores in other locations, Gerfen did say he wanted to expand to other small towns in later years.

Couch Potato Video will be closed today and Thursday. Famous Stars Video will open during its regular hours on Friday, April 27.

Everybody who already has an account with Couch Potato Video will have an account at Famous Stars Video, including all current gold card members, Gerfen said. All current coupons and gift certificates will still be valid at the new store.

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