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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

April 25, 2007

We want this morning to welcome our new neighbor and resident of Tonganoxie, Florence Wiley.

Florence has led an active and busy life. She decided to retire at the age of 88. She looks younger than that now; however she tells us she will celebrate her 94th in September.

Florence spent years grooming dogs and raising Afghans.

She comes to Tonganoxie to be near her son Alex and his family, who tells us, "Mom has always been an animal lover."

She was a member of a riding club while in high school and didn't learn to drive until she was 57.

Florence has resided in Salina, Pa., for the past 34 years. She will, of course, miss her many friends.

I'm sure you will find our weather a little different, but we're so happy to have you with us. Welcome to Kansas and its windy weather.

And from a busy young mother of three little boys who says I'm off on a new venture, "I need to learn the art of patching, these boys and their jeans. First it's how ragged they can look. At that point I don't dare try to predict when they will say, 'OK now mom, they are ready to patch'

"I've about decided it's when its from side seam to side seam or maybe their knee pokes out and gets stuck in that hole. Anyway, I sure need some tips if there are any."

I think what you are looking for, and we can't mention this too often it seems, just completely open that one side seam of the leg that is just a plain surged seam. The other will be triple stitched -- we call that seam a flat felled seam. Just rip it open, letting the leg lay wide open, and then patch the hole. Just sew it's raw raveled edge with a zig-zag seam.

Bye for now. Until next week, God Bless.

-- Aunt Norie can be reached at P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086 or at

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