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Bill would require reporting of underage sex

April 30, 2007

(Kansas Health Institute News Service) Social workers would have to report underage sex under proposal: State social workers who learn about boys and girls having sex before they're 16 would be required to share their findings with police, according to an amendment in the House version of the omnibus budget bill that passed Friday. Currently, social workers report underage sex when it's considered injurious or coerced.

(LJW) Key legislators make deal on deferred maintenance: House and Senate leaders agreed Sunday to a $410 million, five-year plan to repair buildings and utilities at state higher education institutions, including Kansas University.

(Harris News Service) Technical school reforms approved: Lawmakers gave final approval Friday to a bill that could spark a revamp of the state's approach to technical education. Compromise legislation approved on a 100-25 vote in the House would pull four technical schools and one college governed by school boards into the higher education system.

(Wichita Eagle) Prison system wants to dial down phone costs: The Kansas Department of Corrections is looking to cut the cost of inmate calls when it re-examines its telephone contract later this year. Depending on where inmates are and where they are calling, calls can cost as much as 69 cents a minute -- with a $3.95 service charge tacked on the front end. Service charges include the first minute of a call.

(LJW) Car savings increase: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' 2003 order to sell state vehicles saved more money than previously reported, but the reduction in fleet has led to some problems, according to a new audit.

(Wichita Eagle) Photo voter bill re-emerges: The House of Representatives on Saturday resurrected a bill to require voters to present photo identification when they go to the polls.

(AP) Conservatives want more scrutiny of budget: If the Kansas Legislature ever becomes a full-time institution, conservative Republicans, those champions of smaller government, may be responsible.

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