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August 8, 2007

Tonganoxie City Fire Department

  • Firefighters responded with Leavenworth County Emergency Medical Service at 3:43 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1, 9:57 a.m. Saturday and 6:31 a.m. and 4:54 p.m. Sunday.
  • Firefighters assisted citizens at 9:25 a.m., 12:33 p.m. and 3:29 p.m. Thursday.
  • At 10:09 p.m. Thursday, there was a false call.
  • Firefighters responded at 11:11 a.m. Friday to assist public works.
  • At 4:12 p.m. Friday, firefighters responded to U.S. Highway 24-40 and Laming Rd with EMS for a motor vehicle accident.
  • Firefighters responded at 5:04 a.m. Saturday to the area of Fourth and Shawnee for smoke in the area. Firefighters found a smoker in use.
  • At 10:53 p.m. Saturday, firefighters responded with EMS and Tonganoxie Township for an injury traffic accident at U.S. Highway 24-40 and County Road 1.

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office

  • A 13-year-old Leavenworth youth was struck by a vehicle driven by 59-year-old Linda Hubbard-Sanders on July 30 while he was rollerblading on Eisenhower Road, east of Bauserman Road. Hubbard-Sanders was cresting a hill on Eisenhower Road when she saw the youth on his rollerblades. Both the youth and driver went to the right to avoid a collision resulting in the accident. The youth was knocked into a ditch, but was able to get up and walk around. Hubbard-Sanders took the youth to his home on Eisenhower Road and called for help. Leavenworth County EMS and the District One Fire department arrived at the scene and found the youth sitting on the front porch alert and talking. The report stated that the youth had no apparent injuries, but was transported to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., for further evaluation.
  • Two masked men attacked a 44-year-old Tonganoxie man around 2:45 a.m. July 31. The man said he was sitting in his vehicle in his driveway in the 19000 block of 183rd St., when a black 1970s Ford F-150 with two men wearing ski masks pulled into his driveway. The two masked men approached the victim and told him to get out of the truck. One of the men then broke the driver side window with the bat. The Tonganoxie man then fled the scene in his truck and the masked men also fled the scene. The victim told officers he had no idea who the two men were and officers have no suspects at this time. The victim sustained a cut to his right forearm, but he refused medical attention.
  • On Aug. 1, a 41-year-old Basehor man reported that around 3 p.m. July 21 he was attacked by a Leavenworth man in his 20s. The Basehor man was at his home in the 15000 block of Meyers Road working on his sister's car when a verbal altercation started between he and the Leavenworth man. The report stated that the verbal altercation became physical and the Leavenworth man allegedly grabbed a drill and pushed it into the Basehor man's groin area. The Leavenworth man then turned on the drill causing injury to the Basehor man. The Basehor man waited four days before going to the emergency room to have his injuries treated. The Leavenworth man has not been able to be located.
  • At 6 p.m. Saturday, a vehicle driven by 50-year-old Constance Goss, Leavenworth, collided with a vehicle driven by Daniel Times, 43, also of Leavenworth, at Santa Fe Trail and Fort Riley Road. Goss was at the intersection preparing to turn east onto Santa Fe Trail. Goss told officers that she looked both ways before entering the intersection, but failed to see Times approaching from the west. Times, who was driving with his 7-year-old son Daniel, told officers that he saw Goss' vehicle at the intersection and thought it was going stay stopped until he passed. Times said Goss pulled out in front of him and he wasn't able to avoid the collision. All persons involved were wearing their seatbelts and no injuries were reported. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene. No citations were given. The Kickapoo Township fire department also responded to the scene.
  • Leavenworth County deputies broke up an underage drinking party Saturday night in the 25000 block of 163rd Street. Deputies were called to the house where a male 17-year-old Leavenworth youth was playing host to the party. Officers found several open containers of beer in the garage. No one, besides a 15-year-old Lansing female youth showed signs of intoxication. All people in attendance older than 18 years old were given a Breathalyzer test and allowed to leave. Deputies took all those attending who were under 18 to their residence or had parents pick them up.
  • A vehicle driven by Brian Swenson, 17, Tonganoxie, crashed into the back of a vehicle driven by Brandon Hubbard, 15, Tonganoxie, about 4:10 p.m. Sunday nearly a mile south of Evans Road, on 198th Street. Hubbard was traveling south on 198th Street with his passenger, Emily Randolph, 15, Kansas City, Kan., in a 1987 Mazda pickup, when he stopped in his lane over the crest of a hill to wait for Swenson to catch up to him. Swenson, who was driving a 1996 Chevy S10 pickup truck, told officers he did not see Hubbard's vehicle because of the dust and because of the hill. Swenson struck the back of Hubbard's truck and caused extensive damage to both vehicles. Hubbard and Randolph were not wearing their seatbelts and reported minor injuries. The two were taken to Providence Medical Center in Leavenworth. Heartland towing removed the Chevy truck while the Mazda was driven from the scene by Hubbard's stepfather. Hubbard and Swenson's parents responded to the scene, while Randolph's parents met her at the hospital. The report states that age and inexperience were contributing factors to the accident and not alcohol.

Tonganoxie Municipal Court

License suspended

Lori Black, 35, Tonganoxie, speeding 49 in a 30, failure to appear

Tim Arnold, 42, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 48 in a 30, failure to appear

Fines assessed

Jennifer Williams, 35, Tonganoxie, speeding 45 in a 30, fined $120

Nicholas Crombie, 19, Council Bluffs, speeding 40 in a 20 school zone, fined $145

Russell Brien, 41, Oskaloosa, speeding 34 in a 20 school zone, fined $140, failure to appear

Brandi Turner, 29, Perry, speeding 43 in a 30, fined $120

William Herbet, 29, Olathe, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130

Heidi Fletcher, 31, Tonganoxie, tag violation, fined $105

Mark Stonner, 30, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120

Michael Heydenreich, 45, Topeka, speeding 43 in a 30, fined $120

Albert King, 22, Linwood, speeding 56 in a 30, fined $150

Rachel Holmes, 60, Wichita, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130

Andrew Taylor, 36, Independence, KS, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130

Jeffery Logan, 54, Easton, speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120

Wayne Barngrover, 58, Dodge City, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130

Michael Nixon, 65, Prairie Village, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130

Norman Henderson, 16, Leavenworth, speeding 53 in a 30, fined $140

Walter Willey, 53, Silver Lake, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130

Scott Breuer, 24, Tonganoxie, speeding 43 in a 30, fined $120

Ehiremen Ighalo, 20, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 55 in a 30, fined $140

Pamela Bardwell, 43, Edwardsville, speeding 51 in a 30, fined $130

Eduardo Hernandez, 53, Kansas City, Mo., speeding 55 in a 30, fined $140

Bailey Carpenter, 18, Lawrence, speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120

Seth Abrahamson, 44, Farmington, N.M., speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120

Marilyn Gast, 64, Scranton, speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120

Craig Meinhardt, 27, Tonganoxie, speeding 52 in a 30, fined $130

Phillip Shields, 20, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 53 in a 40, tag violation, fined $180

Stephanie Wells, 19, Tonganoxie, tag violation, no insurance, fined $325

Lori Parker, 43, Lawrence, speeding 54 in a 30, fined $140

Kyle Schultz, 19, Tonganoxie, tag violation, no insurance, fined $425

Justin McDaniel, 18, Tonganoxie, speeding 68 in a 50, fined $130

Tyler Bundy, 20, Bonner Springs, speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120

Harry Banks, 59, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120

Eric Duerksen, 24, McPherson, speeding 58 in a 30, fined $150

Tiffany Pinter, 23, Lenexa, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120

Karla Neidl, 39, Basehor, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130

Joseph Chilson, 36, Bonner Springs, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130

Earl McLain, 55, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 51 in a 30, fined $130

Myles Geyman, 30, Gibsonia, Pa., speeding 56 in a 30, fined $150

Michael McMurphy, 24, Fort Leavenworth, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130

Derek Woods, 18, Lansing, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130

Joshua Chalkin, 23, Lawrence, speeding 60 in a 40, fined $130

Kevin Sanders, 52, Bonner Springs, speeding 45 in a 30, fined $120

Kyle Schultz, 19, Tonganoxie, theft of property, fined $245

Campos Arcadio Rocha, 43, Overland Park, theft of motor fuel, fined $245

Sharon Moreland, 29, Tonganoxie, stop sign violation, fined $105

Jeffery MacFarland, 43, Lawrence, speeding 44 in a 30, fined $120

Keith Valverde, 18, Lansing, speeding 52 in a 30, fined $130

Thomas Wilcox, 51, Lawrence, speeding 52 in a 30, fined $130

Richard Hobson, 49, Ozawkie, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130

Jose Ramirez, 32, Overland Park, speeding 49 in a 30, tag violation, fined $190

Brian Gibbs, 28, Tonganoxie, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120

Christine Funk, 38, Tonganoxie, speeding 46 in a 30, tag violation, fined $180

Elzy Folsom, 22, Tonganoxie, no driver's license, fined $100

Daniel Oelschlaeger, 39, Tonganoxie, disorderly conduct, fined $500

Travis Freeman, 38, Tonganoxie, disorderly conduct, fined $500

Christopher Scot Taylor, 26, Tonganoxie, driving while suspended, tag violation, fined $415

Justin Forbes, 19, Kansas City, Kan., possession of marijuana, possession of cereal malt beverage by minor, fined $645

Jeffery Foster, 26, Lawrence, driving while suspended, fined $345

Deborah Price, Tonganoxie, 46, driving under the influence, preliminary breath test, fined $625

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