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Swimming pool baskets to be sold

August 22, 2007

Janet Angell-Felts is selling pieces of history from Chief Tonganoxie Swimming Pool.

Angell-Felts, a member of the Tonganoxie Historical Society, approached the Tonganoxie City Council at its last meeting about salvaging the wire baskets that have been used for years at the longstanding pool.

The pool, at more than 80 years old, is set to be dismantled so that a new aquatic center may be constructed.

Angell-Felts asked whether she could have all of the pool's wire baskets, used to hold swimmers personal items while they enjoy the pool, and sell them as a fundraiser for the Tonganoxie Historical Society.

The council obliged by donating the baskets. Angell-Felts now is looking to sell more than 70 wire baskets that have been used for years at the popular summer hangout.

"The ones who get their first get the better-looking ones," Angell-Felts said with a laugh.

Baskets may be purchased from Angell-Felts by calling (913) 845-3113. The baskets also will be available at Tonganoxie Historical Society meetings. The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24, at the historic site, 201 W. Washington.

Angell-Felts also hopes to sell the baskets, which are $5 each, at other community meetings and functions, if possible.

Chief Tonganoxie Swimming Pool, which city officials say is cost prohibitive to keep open, will be replaced by a new aquatic center. The new pool will be financed by a 1 percent sales tax increase, which voters approved in April.

¢ Do you have photos and memories to share about Chief Tonganoxie Swimming Pool, which was built in the 1920s?

¢ If so, we want to hear from you. As crews prepare to tear out the longstanding pool and begin work on a new aquatic center, The Mirror staff would like to remember the historic pool.

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